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Upcycling and recycling blinds

Posted on 30th July 2014 by Gemini Blinds

Nowadays, we are all conscious of our responsibility to the environment, finding various ways to stay “green” in our daily lives. From walking where we might once have driven, to using our own bags at the supermarket, remaining environmentally friendly has been something that’s been at the forefront of the public consciousness for many years.


Recycling is perhaps the easiest way to do your bit, whether that’s food products or packaging like plastic, paper, cans and glass bottles, and that applies just as much when it comes to window blinds.


When replacing window dressings, whether you’re redecorating a room and fancy a change or your existing ones have become worn and damaged, it’s often tempting to simply throw out the old blinds when the new ones arrive.


However, there are a number of ways in which unneeded blinds and shutters can be put to good use through recycling or upcycling. Here are just a few…




The slats in plantation, traditional or café shutters are great for light and air filtration when they’re in use, but they can also be beneficial for other purposes when no longer needed as window shades.


Why not take a single wooden shutter and reinterpret it as a magazine and newspaper rack? Strip down the wood, hang it on your wall, and fill it with your favourite reading material for a unique feature.


Wooden shutters also make great doors for cupboards or cabinets, allowing you to create an attractive piece of furniture that you wouldn’t be able to find in any high street furniture shop.



Blinds offer a host of recycling or upcycling options, especially as they come in a variety of different materials.


Fabric styles, such as roller or Roman blinds, can easily be embellished to revitalise their look. Give them a good clean, sew up any holes, and be experimental by adding your own pattern designs or attach beads using a glue gun.


Wooden and wood-effect blinds can be stripped down and used as gardening apparatus, such as supports for climbing plants or markers for identifying flowers.


Metallic slats from Venetian blinds could be transformed into a modern and interesting shade for a lamp, and for the ultra-creative, try weaving the tough fabric from vertical blinds into a stylish shopping bag, dinner table place mats or even a picnic blanket!


Even if you don’t end up reusing the whole blind, the small components are definitely still useful, such as the string that holds together slats or the cord that is used for lowering/raising it.



So before you throw away your unwanted blinds and shutters, do your bit for the planet and have a think about an alternative use for them.


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