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Roller Blinds Troubleshooting

Posted on 30th September 2014 by Gemini Blinds

Blinds have long been a fantastic window dressing option, offering a wide variety of choices to suit any application or decor. From slatted Venetian blinds that add a touch of class to a kitchen or living room, to cosy pleated blinds that create a relaxing atmosphere in a bedroom, the possibilities are many. However, due to the nature of their operation, blinds can sometimes present issues that need to be addressed in order for them to work correctly – particularly roller blinds.

Roller Blinds


Here are a few common problems that roller blinds suffer from…

  • The blind doesn’t roll up at all

Sometimes, roller blinds can get stuck while completely unrolled. If this should happen, take the shade down from its brackets and remove the cap that’s over the flat end of the pin. Tighten the flat pin until it becomes difficult to move (preferably using pliers), and replace the cap and blind.


  • Blind will not stay down when drawn

This generally indicates an issue with the pawl – the ratchet tooth component that controls ‘catches’ in the mechanism. The most commonly successful action is to thoroughly clean out the pawl (removing the blind and flat pin cap first), and applying a lubricant to the rotating section.


  • Blind falls down when drawn

This should be a pretty obvious problem to spot if it occurs! The reason is more-likely-than-not related to the positioning of the brackets. Often, it is because they are too far apart, and will require repositioning. Sometimes straightness can be an issue too, so ensuring that the brackets are completely level is vital to ongoing operation.


  • The blind is stiff or won’t move at all

Difficulty or a lack of movement can indicate a problem with the clutch. Unfortunately, damage to this component will necessitate a complete replacement. However, first check that the issue is not with the chain. If it is the type with plastic beads, the clutch will stick if there are beads missing, so replacing the chain could be a simpler (and cheaper) option.


With decades in the industry, Gemini Blinds have the experience and skill necessary to provide customers with the highest quality blinds, canopies and awnings across the North West. Our team are on hand to offer advice and assistance should you encounter any problems with your roller blinds. Get in touch today to arrange for a free home survey to assess your blind needs, or to request a quote.


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