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Blinds for Awkward Window Shapes

Posted on 30th September 2014 by Gemini Blinds

Windows are the soul of the room, and very often, unusual window shapes are the first thing that people are drawn to due to their unique features. Because of this attribute, it is a wonderful idea to add beautiful fitted shutters or blinds to make them stand out even more and compliment them; whilst and at the same time offering practical usage to block out desired degrees of UV light, and to close at night time.


Unusual and uniquely shaped windows are an design feature which is becoming more and more popular in contemporary architecture. The boom in conservatories has added to the foray of interesting shapes, and at this time virtually any shape of window, no matter how awkward, can be installed. Because of this change in the marketplace, the exciting array of elegant shutters and blinds is better than ever.


Made to Measure

Stylish made-to-measure shutters and blinds look absolutely fabulous and make a huge contribution to the ambiance of the room. The stunning range and spectrum of textiles and colours make it nice and easy to find great matches and complimentary designs for your room’s style and decor.

Attractive wooden shutters add a new dimension to the room, and are not only wonderful for adjusting the amount of light coming in, but also for letting in more air, and shutting out any noise. Apart from the classic style, there are other offerings, including the contemporary tracked shutter for large windows, the popular continental Café design, and the more recently introduced motorised shutter that gives you control of the kind of ambiance you want at the press of a button.

There is a flexible option of having the shutter frames fitted either inside or outside the window recess, and whether you have conservatory, sash or bay windows, patio or French doors, or awkward window shapes of any kind, there are suitable shutters available.

Blinds can also be engineered to fit any uniquely shaped window in a room or conservatory, whilst still showcasing the basic design. Conservatory ceilings that make you feel like you are sitting in a greenhouse on hot summer days can now be easily dressed to keep out the strong UV light.

There is a fabulous range of colours along the entire spectrum, and a choice of translucent or full blackout blind fabric is available, depending on your needs for your room or conservatory. Both vertical and venetian blinds are fastened at the top and bottom of the window and are unflappable when exposed to a breeze. They can be made to hang in the recess of any shaped window, such as apex, arched or curved, keeping the windowsill free and the handle easily accessible.

In the case of double glazing and conservatories, venetian, pleated or roller blinds allow great ventilation and shade. They can also have remote control features, and can be fitted without the need to drill holes into the plaster or uVPC frames. One popular advantage of these blinds is that they will effectively lower the build-up of heat in the hot months, and help to keep in the heat in during the cold months, which has a positive effect on your utility bills.


Gemini Blinds stock the premier range of blinds, shutters and awnings in the North West area. Our expert team are on hand to carry out free surveys at your home, helping to measure for blinds for awkwardly shaped windows.



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