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The Advantages of Plantation Shutters in the Summer

Posted on 30th July 2014 by Gemini Blinds

The benefits of choosing blinds for your window coverings have long been known, from the flexibility of design to the many different styles and types available. Whether a practical roller blind for privacy or insulation, or a wooden Venetian blind for a natural aesthetic, they will always be a great window dressing choice. However, if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, why not opt for plantation shutters this summer?

What are Plantation Shutters?

Copyright © 2006A popular sight in warmer climates, plantation shutters are often made from wood, and have horizontal slats that can either be movable or fixed. They cover the entire length and width of the window, and usually open and close vertically along with the window itself. In hot countries, the shutters often sit on the outside of the window, providing shade while allowing the window to be left open. In the UK however, the shutters are generally internal.

So what are the advantages of plantation shutters – especially during the summer?



First and foremost; plantation blinds offer a clean and modern look, revitalising any room in which they are fitted. Wooden elements add a natural feel, while the heavy materials make a feature out of any window inlet.



Wooden plantation shuttersLike slatted Venetian blinds, plantation shutters are easy to keep free of dust and dirt. Simply using a cloth and some disinfectant (when needed), you can wipe each louvre clean without having to detach the shutter from the window. Unlike Venetian blinds however, where slats may become bent or the lowering/raising mechanism damaged, shutters are far more hardwearing and heavy duty, making them much less susceptible to damage during use.


Privacy and Security

Should you wish to have your windows open during summer days, yet don’t want to let every passing stranger see into your home, plantation shutters offer the necessary privacy. Similarly, any opportunistic intruder will be put off by the locked shutters blocking access through your open windows.


Light and Ventilation Control

The slatted louvre design of plantation blinds means that sunlight can be directed away from your rooms, allowing you to provide shade without having to close windows and shut out the light. This also means airflow can be retained, with the interior of your house staying ventilated through the open slats. Plantation shutters are available with a range of different louvre sizes depending on their use, with bigger slats providing more shade, privacy and ease of maintenance, while smaller ones offer greater flexibility in terms of ventilation and aesthetic.

Whether floor-to-ceiling length in a living room, folded back when not in use, or attached to kitchen windows, plantation blinds offer something different for all homes during the summer.


To find out more about how plantation shutters can save you money on your bills, view our easy to understand infographic here.


Here at Gemini Blinds, we provide customers across the North West with the highest quality blinds, awnings and shutters at competitive prices. We stock a wide selection of plantation shutters to suit all environments, and our expert team are on hand to provide free advice and home measuring services throughout the region.

For more information about how we can help you, get in touch with Gemini Blinds today.


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