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Which Blinds are Suitable for Bi-Folding Doors [with infographic]

Posted on 6th March 2018 by Gemini Blinds

With the range of styles and designs available, blinds have become adaptable enough to suit most applications over the years, whether providing shade from skylights in an attic or adding a touch of luxury to a bedroom or living room.

Blinds have also developed as effective dressing solutions for glass doors, such as French windows, providing style, privacy and light filtration control.

They can be particularly beneficial for bi-fold doors, as each panel can be individually fitted with a blind to allow for all the benefits mentioned above, without the need to raise the blinds when opening and closing the door, as would be necessary with curtains.

This article advises on the range styles available for bi-folding door blinds.

Why choose Bi-Folding doors?


Should you choose blinds or curtains for bi-folding doors?


So which blinds are most suitable for bi-folding doors?

You can fit a range of blinds to bi-folding doors, let’s take a look at the options:

Roller Blinds

A good place to start when considering blinds for bi-folding doors is with roller blinds. Often simple in design, roller blinds will not overshadow the attractive design aesthetic of bi-folding doors, which provide a stylish and contemporary touch to all homes. With straight, clean lines and straightforward operation, roller blinds complement bi-fold doors in a simple manner making installation an easy prospect.

Roman Blinds

With generally thicker fabric than roller blinds, Roman blinds provide a good alternative to curtains while still offering the style and practicality of blinds. Although they still allow for the independent opening and closing of doors while drawn, Roman blinds will need a little extra space at the top of the door frame when folded up.

Perfect Fit Blinds

As with roller blinds, Perfect Fit models fully complement the straight lines and clean edges of bi-fold doors, with the added bonus of providing total shade from the sun and complete privacy. These blinds fit neatly into the window frame, so you can kit out each window panel with its own set of made-to-measure blinds of your choosing.

Keeping Perfect Fit blinds closed while you are out during the day can also stop UV rays from damaging furniture in your home, prolonging the life of your soft furnishings.

Venetian Blinds

A timeless, classic design, Venetian blinds allow for complete control over light filtration with horizontal slats that can be opened or closed to any extent as desired.

Sitting beautifully with the contemporary style of large bi-fold doors, aluminium Venetians make a great design companion. Although otherwise bulky and requiring a lot of room when both lowered and raised, Venetian blinds are actually available integrated into the design of bi-fold doors.

Essentially, they can be fitted in between two panels of glazing, and operated via the pull cord as usual. This provides both a stylish and practical option, but can make cleaning more of a challenge!

Duette or Intu Blinds:

Similar to Perfect Fit blinds, Intu blinds also fit neatly into individual window frames. But unlike Perfect Fit, these blind’s don’t require their own frame for fitting; the headrail clips directly into the beading of the window frame. With no cords and no excess, overhanging material, these are the most compact style of blind you can find – a perfect complement to bi-folding doors.

Intu blinds are easy to adjust to the precise height you require. If you have kids, you’ll find that the Intu system is the safest around.

Intu blinds come in three range styles:

  • Venetian
  • Pleated
  • Roller

Alternatively, Duette blinds are very similar and offer excellent insulation for your home.

Plantation Shutters:

Choosing shutters for your bi-fold doors can bolster the security, privacy and style of your room. Particularly effective for outside-facing doors, shutters combine a sought-after traditional aesthetic with the modern facade that comes naturally with bi-fold doors.

The thicker slats make light filtration and privacy levels easy to adjust – and more flexible to your requirements. The neat, robust structure of shutters can bring a satisfying finish to any room, and shows off your bi-fold doors like no other solution. Easy to install, low maintenance and filled with character, shutters are definitely worth considering.


Get in touch

The best way to ensure that the blinds you select for your bi-fold doors are appropriate is to contact blind fitting experts, such as the team at Gemini Blinds. We operate throughout the North West carrying out free home visits at a time to suit you to discuss your options.


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