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How to Ensure Your Blinds are Safe for Children and Pets [Infographic]

Posted on 20th January 2018 by Gemini Blinds

Creating a safe home environment for young children and pets is essential. While window coverings of all types may appear to be simple and decorative in their design, window cords can pose unseen dangers of their own.

Tempting to little fingers and sometimes furry paws, loose, dangling cords can be a source of fascination for both cats and toddlers. Sometimes a favourite play-thing, the risk of strangulation can run high if a child is left unsupervised in a kitchen, office or playroom.

Aside from this potential threat, blinds can be of tremendous benefit to your indoor surroundings. Welcoming in streams of bright sunlight and gifting a sense of style to sleek, modern interiors, blinds need an element of care so they remain safe and functional for your house and its occupants.

With this in mind, it is worth considering the following suggestions if the safety of your blinds is of utmost concern.

Safety Blind Tips For Children

Where blinds feature in kitchens and/or living rooms, prevent accidents by shortening nylon window cords so that they are permanently out of the grasp of young hands.

Choose to install only non-corded blinds and window fittings in nurseries and children’s bedrooms.

All window blinds that you buy should be manufactured according to current consumer safety standards. Research products prior to purchasing and you can be assured of quality workmanship.

Check that all blinds, cords and accessories within your home are kept in adequate working condition, and are showing no sign of fraying and wear-and-tear.

Children’s bedroom furniture is best situated away from windows and blinds. Where possible, position bed or crib against a wall in the bedroom or nursery for extra safety.

Always install Roman blinds and other low-hanging window treatments well above floor level. This ensures that blind cords are inaccessible to the reach of curious children. There will also be less chance of choking or associated injury.

Safety Blind Tips For Pets

Lessen your pet’s temptation to jump and claw at elaborate tasselled window cords by opting for a discrete cord instead. This will enable your cat or kitten’s playful attitude to be directed to nearby toys or an inviting ball of string.

Gemini Blinds

At Gemini Blinds, all of our blinds come with a range of child safety devices. Contact us to find out more information about our range of blinds.


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