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Blinds or Curtains – Which is Best in the Home?

Posted on 30th January 2015 by Gemini Blinds

Regardless of the work that goes into decorating a room, the whole ambience could be ruined if the choice of window dressing is unsuitable. A clashing colour scheme or an impractical design that doesn’t fit with the rest of the decor could stand out in the wrong way, negating all of the hard work put into the rest of the room.

But knowing which is the right choice for you can sometimes be difficult, with the possibilities many and varied.


Blinds or Curtains?


There’s a reason that curtains have long been a popular window dressing option, with their simple operation and timeless style proving a hit with many. Their appeal is largely aesthetic, and prices tend to be cheaper due to the simplicity of the design.


However, curtains are not ideal in all areas of the home. Blinds, on the other hand, cannot be beaten for all round versatility, with a suitable style for almost any environment. Whether it’s natural looking wooden blinds in the kitchen or plush pleated blinds creating a cosy atmosphere in the bedroom, there is always a window blind option to finish off any room’s decor.
Roman BlindsThe practical advantages of blinds are another way in which they are often superior to curtains. For example, in humid environments, such as bathrooms, fabric-based curtains could hold on to moisture, leading to mould forming. Similarly, curtains in a kitchen are vulnerable to the grease and smells from cooking, and will require regular cleaning and maintenance. Aluminium or faux wood Venetian blinds present a much more suitable alternative, with far less susceptibility to humidity and a slatted design that makes for simple cleaning.



In bedrooms, light filtration is often a big consideration. Curtains and many fabric blinds, such as Roman blinds or pleated styles, share similar characteristics in this respect, with their opacity relating to the thickness of the materials used. However, blackout blinds are specially designed to block all sunlight, keeping the room completely dark to allow for uninterrupted sleep. This is particularly important for those that work night shifts and need to sleep in the daytime, or for very young children and babies.


Stylistically, blinds again prove incredibly flexible. Patterns and colours are endless, and materials vary much more than with curtains, which are almost exclusively fabric. From vertical blinds that add a touch of professionalism to any office or waiting room, to wooden Venetian blinds with slats that create a natural feel, the number of options available are far greater.


Have you considered shutters?

Plantation shutters make a great alternative to curtains on big bay windows, and look particularly stylish in cafes and restaurants due to their robust design and heavy materials that add security.


Curtains can make or break a room, but aren’t always suitable for every environment. With blinds, you can afford to be more versatile without compromising on style.

Gemini Blinds are the leading providers of blinds, canopies and awnings in the North West. Our extensive range contains styles and designs suitable for all interior decor needs, with practical, commercial blinds available for a variety of working environments.



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