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Can I Automate my Blinds?

Posted on 17th December 2014 by Gemini Blinds

Proper use of blinds, shutters and curtains can help effectively manage light levels, privacy and even interior temperature and energy usage around the home, but constantly getting up to adjust blinds is a nuisance, and many people simply aren’t home during the day to manage their space this way.

Fortunately, there are many options for automating or controlling blinds of many types, ranging from a simple remote control which allows you to adjust blinds without getting up, to wireless enabled models that can be controlled with a smartphone app or across the internet, to completely automated blind systems that respond to light levels or temperature.


Remote control systems

Remote control systems can be installed on almost any existing set up of blinds, shutters or curtains, and there are even DIY sites that offer instructions on how to set this up yourself using inexpensive components and any universal remote control. Depending on the sort of window dressing you have, these systems can open and close curtains, rotate the slats on shutters or vertical blinds, or raise and lower shades.
These features and more are available on more complex systems that can be either fully automated to raise and lower blinds – or open and close shutters – at certain times of day, or can be controlled wirelessly through a tablet, smartphone or computer. A number of companies offer these products, which can be either installed on existing blinds or come integrated with new window covering packages in a range of styles, materials and colours, also offered by these companies.


One feature which will particularly appeal to those who like things neat and tidy is the ability to automatically align all the shades or blinds in a room so that they open or close to exactly the same height, creating a clean visual line around the entire space. Of course, blinds can also be opened and closed or raised and lowered individually to allow for the maximum balance of light and privacy, or assist with home heating and cooling.


The DIY-er or technology geek will appreciate DIY blind automation options based on open-sourced software and hardware platforms like the Arduino, which can be combined with a few simple components such as batteries, a motor, light or temperature sensors or an infra-red interface that allows the use of a universal remote control to provide either complete automation or the ability to control the blinds without getting off the couch.


Benefits of automated blinds

Automating your blinds makes it easier to maintain an ideal amount of natural light and privacy in your home, as well as save energy by letting in more or less sunlight depending on the time of year. It can also add visual appeal to your home by balancing light levels and ensuring all shades are raised and lowered to a consistent height, and help with security by creating the illusion that someone is home while you are on vacation. There are many options for blind automation, and many companies willing to work with you to find the best solution for your space and needs.


Gemini Blinds are the leading provider of automated and electric blinds, as well as plantation shutters, awnings and more across the North East. Get in touch today or stop by our showroom to find out more.



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