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Top Tips for Choosing the Right Blinds

Posted on 24th October 2013 by Gemini Blinds

For many, blinds are the window dressing of choice, providing an attractive and practical alternative to curtains in the majority of environments. One of the main appeals of blinds is the versatility they offer, available in a range of styles and models to suit different applications and rooms. Here are a few tips for selecting the right one for your needs…



Blinds add a touch of class to any kitchen, but ensuring that you opt for one that suits the environment is vital. One of the first things to consider is the blind’s ability to withstand the potential dampness from washing up and steam from kettles, as well as cooking oils and fats. Aluminium Venetian blinds work well here, as do treated wooden or wood effect models.

Simple roller blinds can be effective in the kitchen, and fabric-based models can be easily cleaned if removed and machine-washed.

Living Room

The key elements of living room blinds are ‘comfort’ and ‘warmth’. Here, pleated fabrics and Roman blinds offer a luxurious option, giving a cosy ambience while providing a barrier against the cold winter temperatures outside.

Vertical blinds, with strips of material reaching from ceiling to floor, allow for greater control over light filtration and privacy, as the angle of the strips can be altered as per the user’s needs at any given time.


More so than with the kitchen, blinds used in the bathroom must be able to cope with damp and humid atmospheres. This means fabric-based Roman, pleated and other blind types are generally a no-go. Aluminium or uPVC materials are best, with Venetian models providing control over privacy, light filtration and ventilation.

Curtains will generally not withstand the requirements placed on them by bathroom use, so opt for the sleek, modern feel provided by metallic Venetian blinds give a classy finish that’s practical too.


The bedroom should be a relaxing and comforting place, so plush fabrics and Roman blinds work well here. From a practical perspective, blackout blinds can be of great benefit in bedrooms. For those that work night shifts (or simply like to sleep throughout the day!), black out blinds keep the room dark enough to get to sleep – especially useful in the bedrooms of babies and small children who might require daytime naps.


Offices require a professional look that curtains just can’t provide. Vertical blinds are popular here, while aluminium slatted models work well in waiting rooms, allowing for total light control. Keeping Venetian blinds clean is also a simple process, with dust and dirt easily removed by running a dry cloth over each slat.


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