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Getting your Home Ready for Spring

Posted on 15th March 2014 by Gemini Blinds

With the frosty nights behind us, the days getting longer and blossom beginning to reappear on the trees, it can only mean one thing: the seasons are changing, and spring is on its way. For many of us, this means embracing the New Year with a spot of spring cleaning.

For those not comfortable with the idea of embarking on a full on, top-to-bottom clean, here are a few handy tips to maximise your time and give your home a fresh feel for the lighter days…


Often the heart of any home, where better to start your spring clean than the kitchen? Start with your cupboards. Take everything out, from your dry foods to your saucepans, crockery and cleaning products. Give every cupboard a thorough clean, and reorganise your food items before putting them back in. Make sure that anything you decide to throw away is given to those in need, and anything that you put back in is also given a good dust.

Give some attention to your windows, as a simple cleaning of the glass and sill will make the world of difference when the sunlight starts to pour through.

Updating your window dressing can also create a fresh and airy atmosphere in your kitchen. Try Venetian blinds with adjustable slats that control light filtration, or maybe a bright and cheerful roller blind. Twist Vision blinds are also very popular for kitchens and highly practical.


Twist vision roller blinds in bedroom

Where your bedroom may have been a cosy haven for you to hide away in during winter, with the onset of spring it’s time to air it out and open it up to the daylight.

Strip your bed of sheets and leave to air with the windows open, flipping your mattress before putting new, lighter linens on to replace your heavy winter duvets.

Air out all rugs, throws, pillows and cushions, and take down any curtains or blinds for cleaning. Fabric based blinds can often be put in the washing machine if there are no wooden or metal attachments, and Venetian blinds can simply have a cloth run across the slats to remove dirt and grime.


Once you’ve taken care of the inside of your home, it’s time to pay attention to the outside. Unfortunately, this means getting your hands dirty. Start by emptying out gutters, removing fallen leaves and other debris, and inspecting your roof for any signs of damage suffered in heavy winter weather.

Wash down any decking or patios using a pressure washer, and give any outdoor furniture a good wipe down ready for use.

Pruning overhanging branches, shrubs and plants that obstruct pathways or seating areas gives the impression of increased space, making your garden a more inviting place to spend the lighter evenings.

An awning can be a great addition to any patio space, shading you from the sun on hotter days and keeping your barbeque sheltered from the unpredictable British weather.

Décor and Furnishings

It may seem like a simple idea, but simply replacing some of your softer furnishings or giving your walls a fresh lick of paint will go a long way towards inviting spring into your home.

Consider having new blinds fitted, as there are a number of options available to you that encourage an airy, light feel. Brightly designed Roman or roller blinds add a splash of colour to any kitchen, bathroom or living room, while wooden Venetian blinds allow for fresh air to enter while keeping you shaded.

Gemini Blinds

However you go about your spring cleaning, here at Gemini Blinds we have a wide range of blinds and awnings to suit all needs. With 50% off selected items throughout March, and our expert team available to offer advice and assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch today to find out how Gemini Blinds can help you.


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