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Window Blinds: Colour and Fabric Trends 2015

Posted on 26th February 2015 by Gemini Blinds

Colour is always a part of our lives, influencing decisions and making us feel a certain way, which is why choosing the right tones for your design space is so important. In 2015, the trend for refreshing interior design shades on walls, fabrics and blinds is certainly going to be an exciting one, with influences from many quarters. For a glimpse into the crystal ball, here are the predicted design trends for 2015.


A Zesty Spin on the Pastels of 1980

The trends in interior design colours and patterns for 2015 are varied in their inspirations and colour combinations, from the modern take on the pastel palettes of 1980s LA to the vibrant resurgence of the colours of the ‘60s.

No longer are pastel shades reserved for the nursery. Combined with the zest of yellow and lime, a bathroom can be a breath of fresh air while not being overly sickly.
‘80s inspired pastels are certainly benefiting from this contemporary trend of gentle pastels and striking accents. Sunset oranges and aqua blues will effectively offset the muted pastels so popular back in 1980s Los Angeles.


As far as neutral colours are concerned, understated grey is head and shoulders above the rest in terms of popularity. For 2015, this looks set to remain the case, with the colour providing an effective backdrop for combinations of other dark and pale colours, allowing rich shades to shine through.

On the subject of rich colours, Mediterranean blue looks set to benefit from the popularity of pink and grey in 2015, providing the perfect, striking combination.

Olive green is another deep and dark colour that offers an effective counterbalance to many accenting colours, and is going to be seen in many kitchen designs for 2015.


How Blinds Fit into the Equation

Blinds are certainly an important feature to many interior design plans. Not only are they extremely functional, but their colour and fabric can make or break a room’s look and feel. With this in mind, what does 2015 have in store for blinds when you consider overall interior design trends this year?
Colours can have much more of an effect than most people think, whether in making certain decisions or just simply how we feel. The first colour certain to be popular for blinds in 2015 is grey, which leads the way in the choice of neutral colours. Warm browns are also particularly effective as an alternative, low-key shade colour, as are dashes of blue. In the end, however, it’s all about grey for 2015, a colour that blends in and sets off other vibrant colours.


Making the Right Design Choices

To help you choose the right blinds for your interior design project, Gemini Blinds are on hand to offer advice and a convenient space for designing online. Pick the right colours, textures and fabrics with Gemini Blinds, ensuring you create the perfect, balanced space in your home.



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