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Plantation Shutters or Blinds?

Posted on 27th November 2014 by Gemini Blinds

When it comes to window dressing options, there are so many possibilities out there that don’t include just hanging up a tired old pair of curtains.

From luxurious pleated blinds that give a cosy feel in a bedroom, to heavy wooden plantation shutters that provide a stunning addition to any bay window, you could transform the decor in your home with just a little bit of creativity.

But which is right for your home or business: plantation shutters or blinds?


Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters in bedroomThe primary difference between plantation shutters and blinds lies in how they are fitted to the window area. While blinds are normally attached inside or above the window recess, with a pull string mechanism raising and lowering them, plantation shutters more often than not are attached to the frame itself, opening and closing with the window.

This makes for an attractive feature, particularly on big bay windows or in cafes and restaurants with street-facing windows, and may add value to a property by offering a unique selling point. However, due to their installation requirements and added weight, it does mean that plantation blinds are not suitable for a lot of window types.

Not only do they look great, but plantation shutters are also incredibly hardwearing, with the robust slatted louvres easy to keep clean too. Often, the panelled design allows separate operation over each section to give control over light filtration and ventilation.



One of the great things about window blinds is the variety of styles and designs that are available, providing flexibility when it comes to choosing your window dressings. From contemporary looking wooden blinds to simple and effective roller blinds; there is a design to suit any room.

For those rooms where humidity and damp may be an issue, such as kitchens or bathrooms, aluminium Venetian blinds will not warp or encourage mould growth. Blackout blinds can create a completely dark bedroom, providing a great option for those that need to sleep during the day, such as babies or those that work on night shifts.

However, where plantation blinds offer longevity as in investment, blinds can become easily damaged and fabric models may get stained easily. Although all styles are cleanable, this inevitably means they have a much shorter lifespan and will need replacing more regularly.


As one of the leading providers of blinds, shutters, awnings and canopies across the North West, Gemini Blinds have years of experience when it comes to advising our customers as to the best blind or shutter for their needs.

Our extensive range contains colours and styles that are ideal for all needs, creating a feature in any living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or commercial setting. For more information, visit our showroom or speak to one of our friendly and expert team to discuss your requirements.

Gemini Blinds are on hand to perform home visits at a time to suit you, so get in touch today.



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