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How to Correctly Measure for Roller Blinds

Posted on 12th December 2014 by Gemini Blinds


The Versatility of Blinds:

Blinds can be both versatile and attractive; and come in a variety of types. Venetian blinds, horizontal and vertical, and Roman blinds are available in a wide range of materials, patterns and colours.

Roller blinds are a popular option, providing a simple yet effective window dressing alternative with easy-to-use operational benefits.


The Benefits of Roller Blinds:

Simple, but effective in their design; roller blinds are available in a large range of materials including fabric, sunscreen, translucent, and full blackout styles. With the large range of colours and patterns available, finding the right blinds to blend with your room’s decoration should prove relatively easy.


Flexibility in all areas:

The flexibility of fitting roller blinds isn’t just about the range of materials, fabrics, colours, and patterns which are available. It’s also about the operating system.

Choices range from the basic cord blind, to spring assisted using a chain drive, or a fully motorised system which can operate multiple blinds at the push of a button on a remote.


The all Important Measuring for Your Blinds:

While Gemini Blinds will come to your home and measure the window space for you, gathering the information beforehand will be useful when obtaining a quote. Before starting to measure for your new roller blinds, decisions need to be made.

Depending on the window type you are fitting the blinds to, do you want them to sit inside the recess or outside?

1. To begin with, you will need a tape measure – preferably a steel tape, not a cloth one, as it is the most accurate – and paper and pencil.

2. For neat-looking inside blinds, make sure the recess is deep enough to accommodate the brackets, especially if fitting motorised blinds. Take measurements at the top, middle and bottom of the recess. If there is any difference, the narrowest measurement should be used, to allow unobstructed movement of the blind up and down.

3. Now measure the window top to bottom.

4. Again, measure left, centre, and right, to be certain the window frame is squarely fitted.

Measurements should be in millimetres. Don’t reduce the measurements to allow for unobstructed movement up and down – your blind provider will do that when you give them the measurements.


Outside Fitting Blinds:

This is the best option should you find your window recess is shallow, or the frame is twisted. Also, should it be a small window you wish to look larger, outside hanging blinds are the ideal option.

Measure your window as above. Then add an extra 10cm for each side, and 10cm top and bottom – more if you wish your window to look even larger with the blind down.

Measurements completed, it’s time to make that final decision on style and colour from the Gemini Blinds range.


Written by Gemini Blinds, the leading providers of blinds, plantation shutters, awnings and more in the North West region.



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