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Choosing an Awning or Canopy for a Business Premises

Posted on 24th June 2014 by Gemini Blinds

A commercial canopy can provide any commercial location with a number of benefits. Besides the obvious aspect of offering shade to patrons and protection against inclement weather, canopies indeed boast a handful of other amenities that cannot be overlooked.

For example, awnings and canopies can be customised to suit a wide variety of styles. As standalone protection, they are also quite cost-effective from an investment standpoint. They will allow a storefront to “pop” and stand out amongst similar businesses.

Finally, an awning or canopy can do wonders for the branding of any location. With such a wide variety of styles available, it can nonetheless be confusing to determine which may be the best option for a specific location. Here are a few variables that should be considered…


Awning in cafeIt is no surprise that there are a number of styles and shapes available. Some canopies are free standing while others represent a traditional “dome” that will cover an entrance or a shop window; some are fully retractable while others remain in a fixed position.

In essence, the first step will be deciding which design will prove to be the best option. Businesses located in urban centres are likely to opt for canopies that can be retractable, while a free-standing version can be perfect for an outdoor patio or as part of a sales display (a car dealership, for instance).

Materials Employed

Awnings and canopies are available in a wide variety of materials. Fabric and vinyl are two of the most common substances that are used. However, it is important to note that each will come with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Vinyl is extremely lightweight and can be fashioned into nearly any shape imaginable, and graphics can easily be printed onto its surface. However, vinyl can crack and fade if it is exposed to the sun for great lengths of time.

Fabric is more durable, but it is also heavier and slightly more expensive. While it is more resistant to the weather, printing a brand or logo on fabric will require a different process. Vinyl is seen to be a more “modern” choice while fabric will provide a more traditional appeal.


An awning or canopy does not necessarily have to be functional. In many circumstances, it is merely used to contribute to the branding and appearance of a business. Others (such as a retractable canopy used in an open-air restaurant) will be an integral part of a customer’s experience. Of course, functional canopies will be priced higher and they should come with at least a five year warranty against defects or failures.


Businesses in urban centres with limited space will frequently choose a fixed dome canopy over their storefront. Free-standing versions can be seen in the back of restaurants (as mentioned earlier) and in areas where customers are likely to remain outdoors. Of course, retractable versions can serve both purposes adequately. This will depend upon the discrete needs of the business.

Awnings and canopies are ideally suited for many types of businesses. Thankfully, the wide variety of styles, uses and fabrics to choose from has enabled these handy devices to become an integral part of many locations. Appreciating the different types can help the business owner make an informed choice.

Gemini Blinds supply and install the highest quality awnings and canopies to customers across the North West, with competitive prices throughout our range.


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