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Blinds for your Home – Colour Options

Posted on 18th August 2014 by Gemini Blinds

Apart from helping decorate your windows and control the amount of light entering your room, blinds should also improve the beauty and elegance of your window and house. With that in mind, you need to make sure you are choosing the right colour/hue for your modern home. This guide is meant to help you do just that, making your home feel fresh and warm.

If you need your house or room to receive maximum light while retaining privacy, go for pure white blinds. White also reflects light and reduces shadows, making your house brighter the whole day.

Match up the colour of your blinds with home accessories such as bed sheets, rugs, pillows, blankets, or curtains to increase the impact of the colour and liven up the scheme. A strong colour, such as olive, appearing all over the room imbues both elegance and splendour.


If you have no problem changing colours, consider using different blind colours for every season. For summer, cool colours like cerulean, sage green or sea glass can be a good idea. For winter, you can use cocoa, cinnamon, or pumpkin. Light blue, citrus yellow, lilac, turquoise, and green are good for spring. Autumn colours like orange and red play a major role in adding warmth and vibrancy.


You can use a lighter version of the colour of your wall. For instance, if your wall colour is dark brown, go for light brown blinds. This helps provide a colour addition to your interior decoration without interfering with the harmony.


Sometimes, it is a good idea to create different moods in different rooms. You may want to have earthy colours, such as beige, grey, golden yellow, or dark purple in your living room to create a calming effect, or serene hues like pale blue, frosted lilac, pearl ash, or purple surf in your bedroom to help you sleep.


The size of your room can also help you choose the right colour for your blinds. If you have a large room, go for light shades, such as light blue, cream, or light green to help emphasise the size of the room. For a small, dark room, look for pale or neutral tones like grey or silvery blue to make it appear larger.


Blue Roman Blinds in Bedroom


If you would like to have wooden blinds fitted, be sure to blend them with the wooden furniture you have in your room. For example, if you have brown or white wooden furniture, your blinds should be of the same colour.


At times, it is important to match your blinds to the function you would like your window to serve. If you do not want them to be the centre of attention, choose neutral colours and make sure the colour of your walls is bolder or darker than that of the blinds. If you would like your window to be very noticeable or the focal point, choose nicely patterned fabrics or bright hues, such as red or sunshine yellow, for your blinds.


Whatever the overall design of your room or house, make sure the colour and style of the blinds you choose complement it the best way possible. Take into account all aspects of the room, including artwork, walls, upholstery, and flooring to ensure that your blinds add that much-needed beauty and do not clash with any other features.


Written by Gemini Blinds, the leading providers of blinds, canopies, awnings and shutters in the North West.



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