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Blind Options for Patio Doors

Posted on 9th June 2014 by Gemini Blinds

Getting the finishing touches right in any home improvement project is so important. Those final details make all the difference between a result that is merely satisfactory and one that is outstanding and will be enjoyed for years to come.

That’s why, when it comes to patio door blinds, the right choice is vital. There are are number of types you may wish to consider…

Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect fit blinds on patio doorsPerfect Fit blinds are available in three styles – Venetian, roller and pleated – designed to fit into a frame that clips to your window. The frames can be made-to-order for an exact fit. The blinds can be made of fabric, aluminium or wood so you can find something to complement your new décor perfectly, whether it is modern or traditional, cosy or formal.

Perfect Fit blinds can be made for doors of any shape, so are perfect for use in unusually shaped openings. The close fit within the frame cuts down sun-glare, keeping you cool in warm weather and reducing heat-loss in winter. Their compact nature enables you to open your patio doors fully, and they are ideal for use in smaller rooms or where there isn’t space for bulky curtains. Perfect Fit blinds have no dangling cords, which can be both unsightly and dangerous for small children.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are an excellent choice if you are looking for a door covering that is elegant, durable, versatile and easy to fit. They are available in a huge range of colours and fabrics. Opt for blackout, waterproof, sunscreen or translucent materials, or choose a dual version with two layers that can be used together or separately allowing you full control over light filtration.

Roller blinds are operated by a cord or chain and can be spring loaded or motorised, making them easy to use – even for those with stiff hands. The blind can be opened as much, or as little, as you wish, and the chain or cord can be used with a clip to ensure safety for little ones.

One disadvantage is that if you intend to keep the blinds mostly open, they may catch on the door as you open it. You should also select a wipe-clean fabric if your blind is positioned where it is likely to get dirty easily, as roller blinds can be hard to clean. Overall, though, roller blinds are a flexible and economical choice for any doors.

Panel Blinds

Panel Blinds on patio windowsPanel blinds are stylish and up-to-the-minute. They come in a range of materials and designs, including woven wood or leather effect. You can opt to have all the panels the same, or mix and match them to suit.

Panel blinds provide particularly good light control, as they fit snugly to each other preventing light leakage, and assuring complete privacy for those inside. When open, the panels stack behind each other – to the side or in the centre – taking up very little space.

They move on fitted tracks, and can be supplied either with a chain control or with a child-safe wand opening option.

Panel blinds are particularly suitable for wider or folding doors, as the number of panels can be varied to fit any width. They are less suitable where space is limited, but wherever fitted they will add elegance and style to your room. Get in touch for more information!


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