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Shutter orders need to be measured before the 10th October for pre-Christmas delivery

All shutter orders
need to be measured
by 10th October 2018
to be delivered
before Christmas.
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Security shutters

Security shutters Benefits

  • Extra physical security
  • Cost-effective
  • Control temperature
  • Many colours to choose from
Image of Security shutters

Security shutters

For extra physical security around the home that would ward off potential intruders and protect your property and family from criminal activity, security shutters are a viable solution. Business premises may also require improved security measures, and this is a cost-effective security measure for any commercial property.

Fitting a metal barrier to the vulnerable areas of your home will heighten the overall security around your property. Our domestic security shutters can then be secured at night and be hidden during the day to allow your property to maintain a natural look.

Not only will these shutters defend your home, but they’ll also act as climate controls, insulating your home in the winter months and cooing it down in summer time. We also supply commercial security shutters to secure a range of different premises.

We supply security shutters with your budget in mind and at competitive prices. For more information regarding this relatively low-cost way of protecting your home or business, contact the experts today.

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How shutters can benefit your home:

  • 1. Cordless & hazard free Ideal for keeping small children and pets safe at all times.
  • 2. Low maintenance & easy to clean Easier to keep on top of the dust so there is a reduced chance of dust mites in the home.
  • 3. Privacy & light control With shutters you have greater control over lighting levels and privacy.
  • 4. Sound & thermal insulation Blocks out sounds from outside and can help lower your energy bills with its thermal insulation qualities.
  • 5. Increase home value Add a timeless elegance to your property and increase its value.
  • 6. UV protection Shutters offer protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays.
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